Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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company culture
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Core concept of company culture

Corporate philosophy: Harmony, enterprising, honesty, excellence and harmony: Harmonize the team, harmonize with the superiors, harmonize between departments, and harmonize between employees. The company is in harmony with each other, which not only meets the philosophy of harmony and wealth, but also meets the requirements of harmonious development.
Enterprising: Never be able to satisfy past achievements, let alone self-satisfaction and self-intoxication. Being comfortable with the status quo is tantamount to self-elimination. Only by forging ahead and innovating can an enterprise maintain a strong momentum for development.
Integrity: Honesty in business, upholding credibility, being a model enterprise that abides by contracts, respects credit, and abides by national laws and regulations.
Excellence: Bigger and stronger enterprises, creating first-class performance, and pursuing supreme development realm are the unswerving goals of enterprises.

Team spirit: Adhering to the principle of honesty and hard work, dedication employees must abide by laws and morals, as well as the company's rules and regulations, and work hard at work; advocating scientific knowledge, exerting their own wisdom, and contributing to the growth and strength of the company.

Corporate Vision: Establishing integrity and building a century-old enterprise will not only create an enterprise and operate with integrity, but also work hard for a century-old enterprise. Only by our unremitting efforts, we will be able to realize this vision. Creating a century-old foundation is the goal of the company's leadership and employees to strive for and relentlessly pursue.

Corporate mission: return profits to shareholders, provide a platform for employees, and contribute benefits to society.
Mission is more manifested in responsibilities and obligations. The existence of the company is firstly the needs of society, secondly the input of shareholders, and again the contribution of all employees. The company must make every effort to strive for better returns to shareholders, employees, and the society.
It is more important to reward shareholders to win trust, make the image of shareholders and the company admirable, and open up a beautiful development prospect for the company. For the benefit of employees, it is more important to provide them with a stage where they can display their talents and achieve their ideals and values in life.
Contributing to the society is more important to run the company well and let the society share the resources of the company's success.

Enterprise commitment: sincere cooperation to achieve a win-win situation
The foundation of the company's existence and development: not only pursuing the interests of the company, sincere cooperation with business partners, and always adhere to the principle of a win-win business.

Corporate values: sincerity and perfection
"Being sincere" is an important value concept that the company must advocate now and in the future. An enterprise consists of employees. Each employee must be a person, act honestly, and unite as one, help each other to form a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere.
"Prospering the industry" is especially important for enterprises. Only by doing a good job in every aspect of the enterprise can the company have the cornerstones of success.

Enterprise style: fast, accurate, rigorous and realistic
"Quick response" means that employees must respond quickly when executing superior instructions, act quickly and do it immediately. At the same time, it is required to understand accurately and do things in place without errors and deviations.
"Strict and pragmatic" means that employees take every job seriously, and every detail of the job must be taken "seriously" to ensure that the work is carried out.

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