Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Electrical control cabinet
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Electric heating control cabinet

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  Electrical control cabinet


The enclosures of electrical control cabinets are precision stamped and formed with high-quality cold-rolled sheet metal, and the instrument panel is CNC-controlled. The exterior of the cabinet is electrostatically sprayed or painted.
Solid state relay control module is used. The heating control mode can choose zero-cross trigger, phase-shift trigger or zero-cross plus phase-shift trigger.
Using high-precision temperature controller or imported temperature control instrument, with program given function and adaptive control function, it can be set and run according to the process temperature curve, and a temperature recorder can be configured for data storage and print recording. The optional temperature controller communication interface works directly with the computer.
The layout of the components in the control cabinet is standard and reasonable, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient. Controlled opening, the exterior of the cabinet adopts electrostatic spraying or baking paint process.

Electric heating control cabinet Electric heating control cabinet

Electric heating control cabinet Electric heating control cabinet

Electric heating control cabinet Electric heating control cabinet

Electric heating control cabinet Electric heating control cabinet

  1. The automation equipment provided by our company has advanced, safe, stable and reliable control system.

  2. The automatic control system completes various process controls such as the operation, shutdown, data collection, and fault alarm of various production equipment in the automated logistics system. Through the on-site operation terminal to achieve single-machine manual / automatic switching, manual operation and status indication of each device. Through the upper computer monitoring system, it monitors the running status of all equipment in the entire automation system, data collection and storage of production processes.

  3. Automatic control systems usually have the following three control methods: conventional relay control lines, PLC (programmable logic controller) control systems, and computer control systems.

  4. The relay control circuit is used for the control of a single machine or a simple device. The principle is simple and the cost is low.

  5. The PLC control system is easy to implement the logical relationship control of each device, has stable and reliable performance, strong scalability, easy adjustment and change, and is the mainstream control method in automatic control systems. Our company has maturely applied the PLC technology of famous manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Omron, Fuji, Siemens of Germany, Schneider of France, AB of the United States, LG of South Korea, etc., and is at the domestic leading level in the field of PLC control technology. For example, the number of PLC control points used in LGESG's ITC control system has reached more than 1,200 points, achieving functions such as cargo lifting, transfer, variety identification, shunting, confluence, and counting.

  6. The computer has a large storage capacity and fast calculation speed, and is used for complex process control, data acquisition, and integration of multiple control systems and functional devices (PLC control system, field bus, RS232C / RS422 / RS485, parallel IO, etc.). The computer system is built on an advanced industrial control network. The information management system of the uplink enterprise and the real-time industrial control system of the downlink are the dispatching core and information storage and processing center of the automated logistics system.

  7. The servo control technology adopted by our company in the tracking transfer machine control system is in the leading position in China. The position deviation is digitally detected (usually controlled by analog potentiometers and frequency converters in China). Gray code digital transmission is used to improve the reliability of the system. The servo motor drive is used to improve the dynamic corresponding characteristics of the system and ensure accurate and reliable tracking.

  8. The automatic size and weight detection system of goods provided by our company for the logistics storage system adopts industrial computer control and industrial Ethernet network for data collection. It realizes the barcode identification of the goods, and measures the length, width, height and volume. Data collection, statistics, print reports and storage functions. The dimensional measurement accuracy is 5mm, and the dynamic weighing accuracy reaches 1/2000, which is the highest level in China.

  9. Our company applies the most advanced Profibus, Modbus +, Controlnet, Devicenet, Interbus, Canbus and other field bus technologies at home and abroad, combined with the rich experience accumulated in logistics automatic control technology for many years, in the light of centralized management and comprehensive monitoring The design idea of segmented control forms a system mode of information management layer-centralized monitoring layer-equipment control layer. It reduces a lot of wiring work on site, improves system reliability, and reduces system operation and maintenance costs.

  10. Provide advanced and economical system configuration according to different applications and industry characteristics of logistics equipment. Use Germany, Japan, France, South Korea, Taiwan and other well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.

  11. The experienced electrical automation engineer completes the on-site commissioning according to the customer's process, fully meets the requirements for use, and trains the customer's maintenance personnel in operations, use, maintenance, etc., and supports remote after-sales service through the Internet.

    Technical Support:


    承担各种新产品的设计、开发和研究、非标产品设计、方案设计、工程设计, 承担各种非标产品的设计与开发 Design and development : undertake the design, development and research of various new products, non-standard product design, scheme design, engineering design, and undertake the design and development of various non-standard products

    :为广大用户免费提供导热油加热炉技术咨询服务 Technical consultation : Provide free technical consultation service for heat transfer oil heating furnace for customers

    :为广大用户免费提供导热油加热炉的技术培训 Technical training : Provide free technical training for heat transfer oil heating furnace for customers

    :为广大用户提供高温加热生产工艺的技术改造 Technical transformation : to provide customers with technical transformation of high temperature heating production process

    :为广大用户免费提供指导安装调试 Installation and commissioning : Free guidance for installation and commissioning for the majority of users

    :为新老客户提供各种加热炉的设备维护保养 Maintenance : Provide new and old customers with equipment maintenance for various heating furnaces

    :为新老客户提供各种加热炉的故障排除与检修 Troubleshooting : Provide new and old customers with troubleshooting and maintenance of various heating furnaces

    :为新老客户提供各种加热炉的设备维修 Equipment maintenance : To provide new and old customers with equipment maintenance for various heating furnaces

    :具有专门的工程技术服务部,24小时为用户提供售后技术服务 Technical service : Has a special engineering technical service department, providing after-sales technical services to users 24 hours

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