Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Electric heating element
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Electric heating tube

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The heating pipe is made of electric heating wire in a seamless metal pipe (carbon steel pipe, titanium pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe), and the gap is filled with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation. Various shapes required by users. It has a simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, and good adaptability to harsh environments. It can be used for the heating of various liquids, acid and alkali salts, and also suitable for the melting of metals with low melting points (lead, zinc, tin, pasteurized alloy). Users can provide drawings for special design and processing for special specifications.

Liquid heating tube
The liquid heating pipe is made of imported high-quality materials. The surface is galvanized, nickel-plated, surface passivated, Teflon sprayed, and protected by polymer coating to provide users with corrosion-resistant and long-life electric heating devices. Mainly used in electric water heaters, boiling water furnaces, oil heaters, industrial electric heating, etc. Protective tube material: stainless steel tube: 304, 321, 316L, Ingle 800, 840 welded tube, seamless tube. Copper pipe: T2, H68, H62 seamless pipe. Nickel copper alloy: Monel, 400 seamless tube. Common pipe diameters: f 6.5, f 8, f 8.5, f 9, f 10, f 12 mm. Length range: 200 ~ 3000mm.
Note: Straight pipe can be produced or bent into any shape according to user requirements, and various joints and flanges can be configured according to user requirements.

Electric heating tube

Electric heating tube

The single-ended electric heating pipe is made of high-quality thick-walled seamless stainless steel pipe, low-carbon steel pipe, copper, aluminum, titanium, and Ingle 800-840. The resistance wire and magnesium oxide powder are selected according to the different purposes of the product to ensure electric heating. The low thermal ductility, high thermal efficiency and external quality of the tube ensure fast heating of the electric tube, power saving, long service life and intrinsic quality.

Electric heating tube

Titanium electric heating tube

Titanium has light specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and excellent low temperature and high temperature resistance. Widely used in chemical, metallurgy, light textile, petroleum, mechanical instrumentation, power generation equipment, pharmaceutical, electroplating, papermaking, salt making, alkali making, chemical fertilizer and other industries.

Electric heating tube Electric heating tube

Electric heating tube

Electric heating tube

Finned electric heating tube Keanda professionally manufactures finned electric heating tubes that can be installed in blower ducts or other stationary, flowing air heating occasions. The fin-type electric heating tube is wound with a metal heat sink on the surface of the element, and the heat dissipation area is increased by 2 to 4 times compared with ordinary elements. Due to the shortened length of the element, the heat loss itself is reduced. , Has the advantages of fast heating, uniform heating, good heat dissipation performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life and so on. Products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, spraying, home appliances, air conditioner air curtain industries.

Electric heating tube

Electric heating tube

Teflon (Teflon) electric heating tube

The Teflon electric heater developed by our company has a high degree of chemical stability. The molecular structure is a completely symmetrical linear polymer without branch chains. The chemical properties are quite stable. Wait for a long time in the solution to be safe and sound; and can withstand the concentration of 0-100% boiling hydrofluoric acid.
PTFE heaters have excellent non-stickiness: the surface free energy is extremely low, which is one of the few materials with the smallest surface free energy among known solid materials. Almost all media cannot adhere to its surface, and no dirt is generated during use. Using high-quality fluoroplastic materials, Teflon electric heaters developed based on the physical and chemical properties of fluorine materials and the improvement of materials are suitable for heating various strong acid and alkaline liquids. The heater has excellent anti-aging and warping performance. Full-closed production according to the head, non-heating section and overheating temperature control protection system can be customized as required. The Teflon electric heater uses a low surface load (1.5w / cm2) to make the surface temperature of the Teflon electric heater lower than the temporary point of decomposition of organic compounds, which completely guarantees the purity of the medicine and additives and the heater itself. Not easy to burn, long service life, fully sealed, non-corrosive, non-leakage and other excellent performance.

Electric heating tube

Technical Support:

承担各种加热炉新产品的设计、开发和研究、非标产品设计、方案设计、工程设计, 承担各种非标加热炉产品的设计与开发 Design and development : undertake the design, development and research of new products of various heating furnaces, non-standard product design, scheme design, engineering design, and undertake the design and development of various non-standard heating furnace products

:为广大用户免费提供导热油加热炉技术咨询服务 Technical consultation : Provide free technical consultation service for heat transfer oil heating furnace for customers

:为广大用户免费提供导热油加热炉的技术培训 Technical training : Provide free technical training for heat transfer oil heating furnace for customers

:为广大用户提供高温加热生产工艺的技术改造 Technical transformation : to provide customers with technical transformation of high temperature heating production process

:为广大用户免费提供指导安装调试 Installation and commissioning : Provide free installation and commissioning guidance for the majority of users

:为新老客户提供各种加热炉的设备维护保养 Maintenance : Provide new and old customers with equipment maintenance for various heating furnaces

:为新老客户提供各种加热炉的故障排除与检修 Troubleshooting : Provide new and old customers with troubleshooting and maintenance of various heating furnaces

:为新老客户提供各种加热炉的设备维修 Equipment maintenance : To provide new and old customers with equipment maintenance for various heating furnaces

:具有专门的工程技术服务部,24小时为用户提供售后技术服务 Technical service : Has a special engineering technical service department, providing after-sales technical services to users 24 hours

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