Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Electric heating element
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Electric heating plate

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Far-infrared electric heating plate of silicon carbide

是一种辐射型加热器,通电后可在垂直空间形成极强的宽谱定向辐射,它将电能有效转化为远红外辐射能,直接传递给被烘干物,迅速转化为分子热运动,由内向外干燥,达到快速烘干定型的目的,并取得显著节能效果。 Silicon carbide far-infrared electric heater is a radiant heater, which can form a very strong broad-spectrum directional radiation in a vertical space after being energized. It effectively converts electrical energy into far-infrared radiant energy and directly transmits it to the object to be dried. Transformed into molecular thermal motion, drying from the inside to the outside, to achieve the purpose of fast drying and setting, and achieve significant energy saving effects. The silicon carbide far-infrared electric heating plate is a silicon carbide plate coated with metal oxide, that is, a far-infrared coating, as a radiating element. A heating wire is installed in the element hole (or groove), and a thick insulation, Fire-resistant, heat-insulating material, then install the metal shell, install the terminal post and then use it. 常温抗折强度45Mpa1000 ℃高温抗折强度50Mpa体积密度2.7-2.75g/cm 3900 ℃热膨胀率0.42-0.48%导热系数(350 )10.3-16.7w/mk Silicon carbide flexural strength at room temperature 45Mpa , 1000 ℃ flexural strength at high temperature 50Mpa bulk density 2.7-2.75g / cm 3 , 900 ℃ thermal expansion coefficient 0.42-0.48% thermal conductivity (350 ) 10.3-16.7w / mk
When far-infrared radiation is radiated to an object, absorption, reflection and transmission can occur. The material that is heated and dried absorbs far-infrared radiation energy at the same time in the interior and the surface molecules, generating a self-heating effect, evaporating the solvent or water molecules, and generating uniform heat, thereby avoiding deformation and qualitative changes due to different degrees of thermal expansion. Material appearance, physical and mechanical properties, fastness and color and luster remain intact. Widely used in automotive, textile, printing and dyeing, dyeing, papermaking, bicycles, refrigerators, washing machines, chemical fiber, ceramics, electrostatic spraying, food, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco and other industries to achieve the purpose of ultra-fast drying. It has the advantages of good radiation effect, significant power saving, convenient use and maintenance, etc. It is especially suitable for large drying rooms, ovens, and flow drying tunnels.

Electric heating plate

The picture below shows the cast aluminum heating plate

Electric heating plate

The following picture is stainless steel heating plate

Electric heating plate

Electric heating plate

Electric heating plate

Electric heating plate

Technical Support:


承担各种加热炉新产品的设计、开发和研究、非标产品设计、方案设计、工程设计, 承担各种非标加热炉产品的设计与开发 Design and development : undertake the design, development and research of new products of various heating furnaces, non-standard product design, scheme design, engineering design, and undertake the design and development of various non-standard heating furnace products

:为广大用户免费提供导热油加热炉技术咨询服务 Technical consultation : Provide free technical consultation service for heat transfer oil heating furnace for customers

:为广大用户免费提供导热油加热炉的技术培训 Technical training : Provide free technical training for heat transfer oil heating furnace for customers

:为广大用户提供高温加热生产工艺的技术改造 Technical transformation : to provide customers with technical transformation of high temperature heating production process

:为广大用户免费提供指导安装调试 Installation and commissioning : Free guidance for installation and commissioning for the majority of users

:为新老客户提供各种加热炉的设备维护保养 Maintenance : Provide new and old customers with equipment maintenance for various heating furnaces

:为新老客户提供各种加热炉的故障排除与检修 Troubleshooting : Provide new and old customers with troubleshooting and maintenance of various heating furnaces

:为新老客户提供各种加热炉的设备维修 Equipment maintenance : To provide new and old customers with equipment maintenance for various heating furnaces

:具有专门的工程技术服务部,24小时为用户提供售后技术服务 Technical service : Has a special engineering technical service department, providing after-sales technical services to users 24 hours

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