Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Electric heating element
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Electromagnetic induction heater

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The electromagnetic heater was successfully developed and replaced the traditional resistance heater. It is currently the most ideal high-efficiency energy-saving electric heater product. With all industries facing fierce market competition, various products have gradually entered the era of low profit . The same is true for rubber products, chemicals, medicine and other industries. In the production of industry products, electricity costs also account for a large proportion of production costs. Especially in recent years, the domestic power supply has been tight, and the rise in electricity fees has brought a very unfavorable impact on reducing costs and improving competitiveness, and has placed a serious burden on enterprises. Energy saving and consumption reduction have become the focus of common concern of the country, society and enterprises. This high-efficiency electromagnetic heating energy-saving product has a thermal efficiency of over 98%. Under the same conditions, it can save electricity by 30% -70% compared to resistance heating, and shorten the preheating time by 2/3, thereby saving a lot of power, reducing production costs and reducing Production costs have improved product competitiveness and brought huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

Electromagnetic induction heater is a heating device that converts electrical energy into thermal energy using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic controller rectifies the 220V, 50 / 60Hz AC power into DC power, and then converts the DC power into high-frequency high-voltage power with a frequency of 20-40KHz. High-speed high-frequency high-voltage current flowing through the coil will cause high-speed alternating changes. Magnetic field. When the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the magnetically permeable metal material, countless small eddy currents will be generated in the metal body, causing the metal material to heat itself at high speed, so as to heat the objects in the metal material barrel without damage to the workpiece.

1. High efficiency and energy saving The thermal efficiency is over 95%. Under the same conditions, it can save more than 50% of electricity compared with the resistance heating method and shorten the preheating time by 2/3.
2. Reliable operation. The circuit design is novel and unique. The main control chip uses IGBT (Infineon module). According to the different requirements of the load, a full-bridge resonance circuit is used to improve the power utilization rate. The multiple closed-loop intelligent control system and perfect protection system ensure that The equipment runs safely and reliably for a long time.
3. Reduce production cost The heating part adopts cable structure. The heating cable itself does not generate heat and has a long service life. It avoids the need for frequent maintenance and regular replacement of the heating coil for resistance heating, and basically no maintenance costs in the later period.
4. Improve working environment The heating part has less heat dissipation, and the surface can be touched by hand, which improves the environmental conditions at the production site.

5.Intelligent multi-temperature zone control

Each temperature zone is independently controlled, which can quickly and accurately heat to the set temperature, and the temperature difference is ≤ 5 ℃.
6. Ultra-high temperature heating The resistance heating method has low power density and fast heat dissipation to the outer space, and it is generally difficult to heat above 400 C. The high-efficiency energy-saving mode has high power density and can be heated to a temperature above 600 C.

Electromagnetic induction heater

Technical Support

承担各种加热炉新产品的设计、开发和研究、非标产品设计、方案设计、工程设计, 承担各种非标加热炉产品的设计与开发 Design and development : undertake the design, development and research of new products of various heating furnaces, non-standard product design, scheme design, engineering design, and undertake the design and development of various non-standard heating furnace products

:为广大用户免费提供技术咨询服务 Technical consulting : Provide free technical consulting services for the majority of users

:为广大用户免费提供的技术培训 Technical training : free technical training for customers

:为广大用户提供技术改造 Technical transformation : Provide technical transformation for the majority of users

:为广大用户免费提供指导安装调试 Installation and commissioning : Free guidance for installation and commissioning for the majority of users

:为新老客户提供设备维护保养 Maintenance : Provide equipment maintenance for new and old customers

:为新老客户提供故障排除与检修 Troubleshooting : Provide troubleshooting and maintenance for new and old customers

:为新老客户提供设备维修 Equipment maintenance : Provide equipment maintenance for new and old customers

:具有专门的工程技术服务部,24小时为用户提供售后技术服务 Technical service : Has a special engineering technical service department, providing after-sale technical services for users

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