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Electric heaters
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Explosion-proof electric heater

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  Explosion-proof heater is composed of heating element, heater housing, bimetal thermometer, exhaust valve, and body expansion temperature control switch. The MI cable used in this device is different from the general tube heater, and its shape is linear. The temperature difference between the heating cable heating core and the metal sheath is small, the thermal conductivity is good, the work is reliable, and the service life is long. After the heating cable is wound, the heat exchange area is large, the surface heat load is low, the heating is uniform, and the thermal efficiency is high. The heating element sheath is made of stainless steel and nickel-plated, and has good anti-corrosion performance. This series of heaters use heat-conducting oil as the heat transfer medium, use electric heating to raise temperature, and use high-temperature oil pumps to force the liquid-phase circulation of high-efficiency, energy-saving heating equipment, which is widely used in various fields.

Product Features:
The heater has the smallest volume at the same power.
The electric heating element adopts a spiral structure, and the medium and the heating element can conduct sufficient heat exchange, and the heating element does not have a tube burst phenomenon due to heat accumulation. The medium heats up fast, heat loss is small, and power saving is safe.
The heating temperature of the medium can be set and displayed with temperature. It can effectively control the power load of the heat transfer surface, not only can the fuel oil obtain a stable and expected oil temperature, and the heat exchange surface does not coke. This is to improve the fuel oil combustion conditions, improve thermal efficiency, promote fuel saving and energy saving, and realize fuel. Industrial kiln automatic control provides the conditions. (The outlet temperature can be adjusted and controlled by the user), and has constant temperature control and over-temperature alarm.

Explosion-proof mark of explosion-proof heater is ExdⅡBT4 ExDⅡBT6 ExdeⅡCT6 and so on.

Explosion-proof electric heater Explosion-proof electric heater

Explosion-proof electric heater Explosion-proof electric heater

Technical Support


承担各种加热炉新产品的设计、开发和研究、非标产品设计、方案设计、工程设计, 承担各种非标加热炉产品的设计与开发 Design and development : undertake the design, development and research of new products of various heating furnaces, non-standard product design, scheme design, engineering design, and undertake the design and development of various non-standard heating furnace products

:为广大用户免费提供技术咨询服务 Technical consulting : Provide free technical consulting services for the majority of users

:为广大用户免费提供的技术培训 Technical training : free technical training for customers

:为广大用户提供技术改造 Technical transformation : Provide technical transformation for the majority of users

:为广大用户免费提供指导安装调试 Installation and commissioning : Free guidance for installation and commissioning for the majority of users

:为新老客户提供设备维护保养 Maintenance : Provide equipment maintenance for new and old customers

:为新老客户提供故障排除与检修 Troubleshooting : Provide troubleshooting and maintenance for new and old customers

:为新老客户提供设备维修 Equipment maintenance : Provide equipment maintenance for new and old customers

:具有专门的工程技术服务部,24小时为用户提供售后技术服务 Technical service : Has a special engineering technical service department, providing after-sales technical services to users 24 hours

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