Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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How to use thermal oil heater

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1. The operators of heat-conducting oil and electric heaters should be trained in the knowledge of heat-conducting oil and electric heaters, and be certified by the local boiler safety supervision agency.
2. Units that use thermal oil heaters must formulate operating rules for thermal oil heaters. The operating procedures shall include the operation methods and precautions of starting, running, shutting down, and emergency shutting down of the heat-conducting oil and electric heater. The operator must operate in accordance with the operating procedures.
3. Pipes within the range of heat-conducting oil and electric heaters should be insulated, but the flange connection should not be covered.
4. During the heating process of the heat-conducting oil and electric heater, the exhaust valve of the expansion tank should be opened to discharge the air, water and organic heat carrier mixed steam before entering the normal operation.
5. Organic heat carrier must be dehydrated before use. Different organic heat carriers should not be mixed and used. When mixing is required, the mixing conditions and requirements should be provided by the organic heat carrier production unit before mixing.
6. The organic heat carrier in use should be analyzed annually for its residual carbon, acid value, viscosity, and flash point. When there are two failed analyses or the content of the heat carrier decomposition component exceeds 10%, the heat carrier should be replaced or the The heat carrier is regenerated.
7. The heating surface of the heat-conducting oil electric heater should be inspected and cleaned regularly, and the inspection and cleaning situation should be stored in the boiler technical file.
8. After the heat-conducting oil electric heater is installed or major repaired, the hydraulic pressure test of 1.5 times the working pressure should be performed by the user and the installation or repair unit before putting it into operation. During the hydraulic test and airtight test, the local boiler safety supervision agency shall send someone to participate.
9. The boiler room should have effective fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures.
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