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How to improve the thermal efficiency of heat transfer oil boilers

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Improving the thermal efficiency of heat-conducting oil boilers is a question that many users have considered. I believe that this problem is the direction that manufacturers of various types of heat-conducting oil boilers have been studying in every production. Many users often find new problems in the actual production process when operating the heat-conducting oil furnace, but of all the problems, the most troublesome is that the heat-exhausting oil boiler has a higher exhaust gas temperature and a higher thermal efficiency. Low phenomenon, which seriously affects our normal work, so what should we do to improve its thermal efficiency?
What you need to know about this is that synthetic heat transfer oils can best meet the low temperature characteristics of heat transfer oils. However, the vast majority of synthetic heat transfer oils are biphenyls, which are complex benzene derivatives, and their vapors or their volatiles are highly carcinogenic. Therefore, customers are strongly advised to choose mineral oil heat transfer oil products. Secondly, in the process of meeting the low temperature performance of heat transfer oil products, there is a relatively high flash point requirement. In general, the thermal oil engineer recommends that the flash point of the opening of the low temperature thermal oil cannot be lower than 200 C.
After constant research and improvement of the equipment by professional manufacturers, it was found that in order to improve its thermal efficiency, it is necessary to increase the heating surface at the rear of the heat-conducting oil boiler, such as air preheaters and economizers. However, when the return temperature of the organic heat carrier furnace body is very high, an economizer cannot be provided, and an air preheater can only be provided to alleviate the situation. So if the heat-conducting oil boiler does not exchange heat with other low-temperature heating systems, the only way to improve energy efficiency is to add air preheaters. After the air preheater is added, the flow rate of the heat transfer oil can be increased accordingly, so as to ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of the heat transfer oil boiler, and the thermal efficiency of the heat transfer oil boiler equipment will be correspondingly improved.
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