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Talking about the 9 design requirements of electric heating oil furnace

Date: 2016-10-18 15:36:21 Source: original Author: Anonymous Views:
Electric heating oil-conducting oil furnace is a new, safe, efficient, energy-saving, low-pressure and special high-temperature industrial furnace. It uses electricity as the heat source and heat-conducting oil as the heat carrier. After being delivered to the heating equipment, it is then returned to the reheated DC-type special industrial furnace. This cycle starts and ends to achieve continuous heat transfer and increase the temperature of the heated object to meet the heating process requirements. The design concept and requirements of electric heating oil-conducting oil furnace are as follows:
1. There should be a certain leeway between the heat load and the effective heat load of the electric heating oil-conducting oil furnace, and this range is generally 10% to 15%.
2. The design temperature is determined by its use temperature, and it should be designed in accordance with the relevant delimitation in the "Calculation of the strength of the original water tube boiler".
3. The design pressure should be slightly higher than the maximum working pressure and should not be less than the opening pressure of the safety valve.
4. The design should be from the perspective of economy and safety, and design a suitable temperature difference for the operation of the electric heating thermal oil furnace in the system. This temperature difference should be less than 30 C.
5. Design a certain flow velocity of the heat-conducting oil in the tube, so as not to cause coking due to local overheating. Generally, the radiation section tube uses a flow rate of 2 ~ 4m / s.
6. The design requires that the uniform heat strength of the electric heating oil-conducting oil furnace furnace tube is within a certain range, so that the heat-conducting oil will not overheat, and the heat transfer area of the furnace tube can be fully utilized.
7. According to the working temperature of the heat transfer oil during operation, the difference between the exhaust temperature and the temperature of the heat transfer oil is best controlled at 80 ~ 120 C, and the smoke exhaust temperature is suitably 350 ~ 400 C.
8. All pipes and accessories that are in contact with the heat-conducting oil are strictly prohibited from being made of non-ferrous metals and cast iron. The flanges and valves should be cast steel valves with a nominal pressure of 2.5 MPa and above. Seals should be made of high temperature and oil resistant materials.
9. The electric heating oil-conducting oil furnace must be equipped with a low-level drain valve, and it is required to drain the material to ensure that no residual liquid is left.
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