Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Advantages and characteristics of electric heating oil furnace

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1. High-quality heat source heat transfer oil heating system can output hot oil up to 350 C for hot users under normal pressure liquid phase; the heat transfer oil heating system adopts Fuji temperature control instruments from Japan and uses PID self-tuning intelligent temperature control technology. The control accuracy can reach a temperature of about 1 C, which can accurately control the temperature range used. The heating main power supply uses a solid-state module non-contact switching circuit to adapt to frequent switching and has no interference to the power supply network. And has anti-dry burning. Can be designed to add hot oil cooling system according to user requirements to meet the production process requirements that require rapid cooling after heating;
2. Energy saving, low operating cost. The heat-conducting oil heating system is a liquid-phase closed circuit. The difference between the oil output temperature and the oil return temperature is 20-30 C. At the same time, the equipment does not require water treatment equipment and there is no heat loss such as running, dripping, dripping and leaking of the steam boiler, and the heat utilization rate is very high. Compared with the steam boiler, it saves about 50% of energy;
3. Low equipment investment Because the heating oil heating system is simple, there is no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, and the heating oil boiler withstands low pressure, so the overall system investment is small;
4. Safety Because the system only bears the pump pressure, the thermal oil heating system has no explosion danger, so it is safer;
5. The environmental protection effect of the environmentally-friendly organic heat carrier heat-conducting oil furnace system is mainly reflected in the very small emission of flue gas, and no pollution from pollution and heat pollution.
1. Low operating pressure: The liquid phase transports thermal energy and can obtain a higher working temperature at a lower operating pressure. The heat carrier is 70 to 80 times smaller than the saturated steam pressure of water. Generally, the operating pressure for heating is ≤0.3MPa. .
2. High heating temperature: The heating temperature of the heating oil heating furnace can reach 280 ℃; the heating temperature is automatically controlled, the sensitivity is high, and the heating is stable.
3. Safe and reliable: Suyi specializes in the research and development and production of heat-conducting oil furnaces, with complete operation control and safety monitoring devices, easy operation, safety and reliability.
4.Environment-friendly design: The heat-conducting oil furnace equipment is equipped with a new type of electric heating system, which replaces coal with electricity, which saves investment and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. At the same time, the heat-conducting oil furnace heats up fast, with high thermal efficiency, high efficiency and economy
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