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5 major fault inspection and maintenance of heat transfer oil heaters

Date: 2016-9-27 15:24:37 Source: original Author: Anonymous Views:
1. After a long period of operation, the thermal oil has a normal loss of about 5-10% per year, and new oil needs to be added midway. Some manufacturers cause abnormalities such as bumping or sudden system pressure rises. This is mostly because The new heat-conducting oil contains traces of water. The oil heater technology recommends that when purchasing heat-conducting oil, 120% of the design requirements should be purchased. When driving, take off the water and reserve it. Already.
2. Don't wait for the new thermal oil to be purchased when the operation can't continue. You must perform periodic analysis on the thermal oil. Generally, the new oil should be analyzed once every six months and one year. Except in special cases.
3.The cause and treatment of the gradual decrease of the heat transfer oil flow of the heat transfer oil system
(1) due to filter clogging; pump pressure is unstable, pump inlet pressure drops.
(2) The efficiency of the heat transfer oil circulation pump decreases; the current is lower than the design value, and the flow rate decreases.
(3) The heat-conducting oil furnace tube or oil transfer line is coked or clogged with foreign matter; the pump pressure is unchanged, the current is reduced, and the flow rate is reduced.
(4) The heat-conducting oil itself has deteriorated and should not be used; viscosity, boiling range, etc. exceed the allowable index, the pump current increases, and the flow rate decreases.
(5) Air resistance is generated in the system; resulting in a decrease or interruption in the flow of heat transfer oil.
4. The differential pressure of the heat-conducting oil furnace should be maintained at a fixed value under normal operating conditions. There are mainly the following reasons for the change in differential pressure (p).
(1) The coke clogging of the heat-conducting oil furnace tube rises.
(2) The flow rate of heat-conducting oil decreases, and vice versa.
(3) The clogging p of the oil outlet line at the furnace outlet decreases, and the total pressure rises (pump outlet).
(4) The furnace temperature rises suddenly, p rises, and vice versa.
(5) The heat-conducting oil pump does not supply oil p, and the total pressure returns to zero.
5.The local overheating of the heat transfer oil and the severe high temperature oxidation can be judged from the following points
(1) Local overheating: The flash point decreases, the residual carbon increases greatly, the boiling range is significantly widened, and the insoluble matter increases.
(2) High temperature oxidation: The acid value, viscosity, and colloid are all significantly increased, and even the fluidity is lost, and the boiling range becomes heavy.
(3) The method provided by the temperature controller technology is:
a. Under the condition that the cold oil flow rate of the furnace tube is guaranteed (greater than 2m / s), the heat-conducting oil furnace can be prevented from heating up and overtemperature suddenly, and local overheating can be avoided.
b. Sealed with inert gas (or sealed with oil) at high temperature (greater than 60 C) to isolate heat-conducting oil from air and avoid oxidation.
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