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Analysis of the internal structure of electric heaters

Date: 2016-9-18 15:11:38 Source: original Author: Anonymous Views:
Electric heater products are the most common type of electric heater equipment in mechanical products. Its role is to increase the temperature of the medium of the electric heater. The structure of the electric heater is sturdy and durable. It has a quality guarantee. The service life of the electric heater is also very long. The usual function is to warm up various liquid and gaseous media. In petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food processing, commercial oil depot, power generation and other departments, the biggest advantage of electric heaters is the heating temperature quality and relatively high requirements of the medium. Generally, the medium heated by the electric heater has the following Species: like crude oil, asphalt, residual oil, heavy diesel oil, animal and vegetable oils, etc. The most widely used industries for electric heaters are the following, such as hot water for offshore oil platforms, oil tanks for commercial oil depots, and so on.
Features of the technical construction and use of the heater:
1. All heating elements of the electric heating device are heating cables. For the electric heater product itself, the thermal conductivity is excellent. The heating core of the electric heater and the metal protective sleeve of the electric heater itself. The temperature difference is extremely small. According to the requirements of the internal process of the electric heater. Then design the load temperature of the electric heater to heat the cable surface. On the premise of ensuring the total heating power of the electric heater, the heated medium in the electric heater will not be coked or charred, which is impossible for other electric heating elements. . The current electric heater products can be used to determine the power of the electric heater according to the user's place of use and the medium.
2. The overall structure inside the electric heater is small and solid, the mechanical strength is quite high, and the installation is very simple.
3. The heating element inside the electric heater can ensure uniform heating and the heat exchange efficiency is quite high.
4. The grade of electric heater is dⅡB T1∽T6.
5. Electric heaters have a long service life during work, and do not require frequent maintenance.
6, the electric heater itself has good sealing performance, safe use, working pressure 2.5MPa ~ 6.4MPa.
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