Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Cooling device for heat conducting oil in heat conducting oil heater

Date: 2016-9-12 16:16:00 Source: original Author: Anonymous Views:
In the heat transfer oil heater industry, the cooling device for heat transfer oil is undoubtedly very important. Whether a machine can be used for a long time depends on many aspects and how you maintain it. No matter how good the machine is, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, the life will be shortened.
The cooling device of the thermal oil in the thermal oil heater is divided into:
1. Water-cooled temperature control unit group: The heat exchanger adopts shell and tube type, and the inner tube is designed as straight tube or tube type, which has high heat exchange efficiency. The gas control valve is adopted, and the response speed of the valve is fast. At the same time, PID temperature control is adopted, and the temperature accuracy can reach 0.5 C. Main application: It is suitable for equipment with high precision of temperature control, faster and more frequent temperature rise and temperature response. Such as the electronics industry's PCBCCL manufacturers of lamination equipment. Unit groups that use electric control valves have limited reaction speeds, so they are generally used by users who have less stringent response speed requirements, that is, equipment that does not heat up frequently, such as a fryer in the food industry , Frying, cooking equipment. In addition, the textile industry is also widely used as printing and dyeing equipment and heat setting machines.
2. Heat-conducting oil heater air-cooled temperature control unit group: The working principle is basically the same as that of water-cooled type, using a blower to cool the heat medium. During the temperature control process, the size of the control valve is controlled, and the heat medium flow in the pipeline is controlled, so as to adjust and reach the set value required for the temperature in the using machine. Main application: Because air-cooling has its limitations, the temperature control accuracy and response speed have certain gaps compared with water-cooled type. It is often used for control accuracy within ℃. 5 ℃ equipment, such as plastic machinery: followed by: printing and dyeing, greasy chemicals, rubber roller calender.
3. Hot air type temperature control unit group: through the heating fan, the heated medium coil and the heated hot air in the air duct are blown to the device for heating. To regulate the flow of oil in the heat medium, thereby controlling the temperature in the equipment. Main application: It is suitable for low temperature precision requirements, generally in the environment of 2 ℃, such as: plastic gloves production line, hot air setting machine, drying equipment, oven and other equipment.
In the actual application process, the heat control oil heater temperature control unit group has become a fixed product of Keanda Machinery through continuous experience accumulation. In terms of work efficiency, cost, equipment quality, and work chaos, it has obvious desirability in the same industry.
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