Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace
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Thermal oil furnace
Thermal oil furnace manufacturers

Yancheng Keanda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of electric heating equipment. Complete processing equipment, perfect process flow, strong technical force, excellent product development and design capabilities and rich production experience.

The company has always adhered to the corporate tenet of “survival by quality, development by innovation, brand by integrity, and thoughtful after-sales service”. , Specializing in the manufacture of electric heating thermal oil furnace, thermal oil heating furnace, energy saving thermal oil furnace , environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace , thermal oil boiler , thermal oil heater , electric heating tube, etc. Products are suitable for chemical fiber, textile, leather, plastic machinery, cable machinery, food machinery, rubber machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electronics, medical, marine engineering, household appliances and other industries. At the same time, we can design and manufacture the above-mentioned equipment with special specifications according to the needs of customers' use and on-site installation. The company's advanced technology and reasonable prices make the products sell well at home and abroad.

Thermal oil furnace products
Heat-conducting oil furnace is also called heat-conducting oil boiler, heat-conducting oil heating furnace. There are many types of heat-conducting oil furnace. There are coal-fired heat-conducting oil furnace and gas heat-conducting oil furnace. Furnace, the representative of environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace.
Electric heating energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat-conducting oil boiler (heat-conducting oil boiler) as a new type, safe, energy-efficient, low-pressure, and special industrial boiler that can provide high-temperature thermal energy is increasingly rapidly and widely used. Fire accidents often occur in China. The following is a preliminary discussion of fire prevention measures for electric heating energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heat-conducting oil furnaces based on the actual work.
An energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heat-conducting oil furnace is a DC-type special industrial furnace that uses electricity as a heat source and heat-conducting oil as a heat carrier to force liquid-phase circulation using a circulating oil pump to transfer heat to a heating device and then return to the reheating. The continuous heat transfer is achieved to increase the temperature of the heated object and meet the heating process requirements. Electric heating thermal oil furnace system is composed of explosion-proof thermal oil heating furnace , organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger, control cabinet, hot oil pump, expansion tank, etc. into a skid block. The user only needs to access the power supply, the inlet and outlet pipes of the medium, and Some electrical interfaces are ready for use.
Thermal oil furnace
Energy-saving thermal oil furnace news
Environmentally friendly thermal oil furnace

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